Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood Planning

Under the Localism Act one of the new rights for communities is the opportunity to draw up a neighbourhood development plan or neighbourhood development order or a Community Right to Build.  Parish and Town Councils will lead in their creation supported by the local planning authority.

Having looked at the three alternatives, Kessingland Parish Council have decided to go for the Neighbourhood Development Plan.  This is where communities will be able to establish general or appropriately detailed planning policies for the development and use of land in a neighbourhood.  This will be able to say, for example where new homes should be built and what they should look like. The Neighbourhood Plan will set a vision for the future it can be detailed, or general, containing a few or a great many policies depending on what the local people want.

A group made up of parish councillors and members of the community have already started the process and have recently met up with representatives of Waveney District Council to discuss the way forward.

This will be a long process which will mean consulting with the local community to get their views, formulating policies, having public meetings and exhibitions, ending eventually with a Referendum if passed by the Government Planning Inspector.

Once these processes have all been completed and the Plan is given the “green light” this will become part of the Local Development Plan for Waveney, which must be complied with.This is the most important project undertaken by the Community of Kessingland and will in some way or another affect all residents

Anybody from Kessingland who feels that they are interested and wish to contribute, they should contact the Parish Council either by contacting the Clerk on 01502744367 or email or you can comment using  "Have your Say " on this website.